Interview with Honor Titus


Honor Titus is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and we are stoked to have had him create art for our Amour series. Check out our interview with him below. 

What is the relationship between your music and art?
My music and art have one big thing in common: me. Also, I'm very into the idea of the relic, so every song or piece that I've made serves as a reminder of time. 

From Flag to the Cro Mags to Charlie Parker to Philip Glass they all serve as inspiration. The same as a pretty girl walking down Sunset Ave or Broadway, as a book by Genet, or as a conversation on a Parisian street.
It's taken me years to learn that.

Are you working on any music projects currently?

How did you get into fine art?
When I wasn't touring and was hard up (in many ways) Raymond Pettibon would look out for me. Ray did the band's first album cover and through that we developed a very charmed relationship. From there, I went on to work with and assist other artists like Dan Colen and Ryan McGinley.

You recently moved from NY to LA, how are you liking it? What inspired your move?
It's going really well, I must say. There's space to grow and work. As a city kid, I'm not used to either. I needed a change of pace; to get off the train track energy of New York and reacquaint with myself really.

What is your connection to Baker?
Dustin Dollin is a very multi faceted individual! Christian Rosa (painter) connected us in Paris and I was going through, we'll say, a very tough time. Dustin put me up and we'd have these conversations! We would sit at a cafe or on the patio and chain smoke and chat music. I will always connect him with the spirit of Baker and for that matter, skateboarding.

& Andrew, he's popped into my life intermittently. The thing about Andrew is, he is a fucking gentleman. Every time we cross, I leave feeling refreshed and reminded of what, I'm not really sure.

Andrew asked me to do some boards. An Honor.

What inspired you to make the art for this series?
The personal relationships more than anything. There is just so much vibrant personality in Baker. I'm fortunate to have been privy to a few of them and the affect of the notes is to share a bit of that. Also, board design is oftentimes so busy. I was excited to design a board, that felt like a relic, that felt natural but obscure. Much like Baker in itself, I guess.


The Amour Series, by Honor Titus is available in skate shops now, and for purchase on our website, click here


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